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How to Start a Coaching Business Online

Coaching and consulting businesses are among the best businesses to start. They come with barely any overhead costs. At the same time, coaching is a high-value skill. This means, you can charge a lot of money for coaching. In order to help you start your new life as a coach or consultant, we put together a guide called How to Start a Coaching Business Online.

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How To Start a Coaching Business Online

How to Start a Coaching Business Online
Want to start a coaching business?

The internet allows anyone who has skills, knowledge or expertise to become a coach. Some of the perks of starting a coaching business are that you can potentially earn a high income and work flexible hours. You can also run a coaching business and be location independent.

Starting a coaching business comes down to narrowing down your niche. In order to start your own coaching business on the internet, you need to help people overcome a specific problem or achieve a desirable outcome.

Specificity is everything when it comes to online coaching. Avoid being a jack-of-all trades. Figuring out exactly who you help and exactly how you help them is key. In other words, you need to figure out who your one ideal client is.

Rather than focusing on helping a whole range of people, you should think about who you can serve at the highest level possible.

What is the biggest outcome or result you’ve achieved in your own life? What’s the biggest problem you overcame yourself? Be as specific as possible when asking this question.

It’s likely that there are other people who are currently struggling and trying to solve a problem you already overcame or achieve something you’ve already done.

This will become your one ideal client.

Ask yourself what this person is struggling with:

Use questions like this to create a psychological profile of your one ideal client. The deeper you go and the more you understand who you’re trying to help, the better.

Chances are that you were this exact same person at some point in your life. Look back at your own struggles and ask yourself who you were, what you did wrong and also what you would have needed to get where you are today.

Reverse-engineer your own transformation. Your online coaching business will help your one ideal client go through this same transformation.

Now that you understand the importance of specificity and focusing on just one ideal client, let’s move on to the next part in our guide How to Start a Coaching Business Online.

Online Coaching Business Ideas to Stay Away From

Your skills, knowledge and expertise are unique. Figuring out what you can help people with is a deeply personal process. Despite this, let’s look at some bad and good examples of coaching businesses you could start.

Not specific enough and overly generic. I help people or businesses:

These problems and outcomes aren’t specific enough. People aren’t looking for broad solutions. The reason why is because our problems and the things we want to achieve are always very specific.

When you make broad statements or position yourself as a general coach, people won’t see enough value in what you offer.

Your message won’t stand out enough and it’ll be challenging to get clients. Moreover, even if you find clients, you’d find it challenging to help them due to attracting a variety of different people.

You’d quickly discover that you aren’t equally qualified to help all these people. Your advice would start being general.

Sooner or later you’d find yourself talking about and helping people with things you aren’t truly an expert in. This will be a disservice to your clients and yourself. Your clients won’t get the life-changing results they need and you’d have to charge significantly less due to the broadness of your advice.

The Best Online Coaching Ideas for Beginners

Specialists get paid a lot. Generalists get paid little. Think about it. Almost anyone can clean. That’s why cleaning is a low-value skill.

Compare this to a brain surgeon that is able to charge many times more than a general medical doctor. If you’re wondering how to start a coaching business online, you need to adopt the mindset of a high-paid specialist.

Specific coaching business examples. I help:

You get the idea. This is the type of specificity we are talking about. It will make your message cut through the noise and grab the attention of those who you can truly serve.

Overall, there are several popular categories that you can start with and then niche down. These are some of the areas people have most problems with and often look for help.

Start with these online coaching ideas:

These are extremely broad and general online coaching ideas. Use them as starting point and then become super specific about your one ideal client.

Should You Start Online Business Coaching?

One of the most profitable niches is online business coaching. So if you have business or marketing skills, you can charge a lot of money to help businesses grow.

Every business needs to find new ways to get visitors, leads and of course sales to remain competitive.

However, you shouldn’t just become a business coach because you think it’s lucrative. You need to figure out the biggest outcome or problem you can solve. Who can you serve at the highest level?

If you choose online business coaching despite it not being your expertise, you’ll feel like an imposter and won’t be able to make a real impact or grow a thriving coaching business.

There’s a lot of money in non-business related niches as well. For example, there are dating coaches that charge $10,000 for a 12-week online coaching program.

There are binge eating coaches that charge $6,000 to help women overcome binge eating.

As long as you respect the “specificity rule” and solve a high-pain point problem or provide an extremely desirable outcome, you can charge a lot.

Ready for the next step in our guide How to Start a Coaching Business Online? Then let’s talk about how to structure your online coaching business.

3 Types of Online Coaching Business

If you’re asking yourself how to start a coaching business online, there is more than one way. In fact, there are four different ways you can structure your coaching business.

The first one is selling your time for money. This is a common mistake many coaches and consultants make.

They set an hourly rate and charge per session. For example, you could charge $100 per hour. This sounds great, but as a coach you’ll likely never have a full calendar.

Even if you had eight back-to-back coaching sessions at $100 each, you would quickly burn yourself out and stop enjoying coaching clients.

Burnout is real among coaches and consultants. And it’s mostly due to structuring their coaching business in the wrong way.

Another downside of charging per-session is that you have little commitment from clients. They could quit after one session. This means, your income might fluctuate wildly.

You won’t have predictable cash flow or a stable client base. Worst case, you’ll constantly have to chase new clients because people just book one session.

1-on-1 Coaching Packages

The simple solution is to sell packages. Instead of charging per hour, you charge $3,000-$30,000 for 12 weeks of coaching. While you’re still conducting 1-on-1 coaching calls with clients, your income will be more predictable.

Let’s say you lock in three clients at $5,000 each. This means you collected $15,000 upfront and you have three clients you can focus on helping the next three months.

You won’t have to worry that they drop off after one session. No need to constantly chase clients for another session to make more money.

Package deals are win-win for you and your clients. They commit to their transformation. And you get a better and more focused client that pays you properly for your coaching.

Most personal and business transformations take at least three months. It’s hard to get someone any results without making changes and staying focused for at least this much time.

Group Coaching

The next type of online coaching business is a group coaching program. This is where you scale back your 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

Instead of getting on weekly 1-on-1 sessions with your clients, you conduct a weekly group coaching call on Zoom or some other conference platform.

You can also conduct two group coaching calls a week. Then tell your clients to join the group call. On your group coaching calls, you’ll have a small group of clients that you can serve, guide and help out.

This adds a community element to your coaching. Your clients are able to connect and learn from each other. They’re on a journey of transformation together, which makes getting results more inspiring, exciting and competitive.

You can still do one or two 1-on-1 sessions with each client at the start of their journey. A group program doesn’t mean you have to completely remove 1-on-1 sessions. In fact, you shouldn’t. The combination of 1-on-1 sessions and group coaching is often what gets people the best results.

This is great because you can remove yourself to a large extend from time-consuming 1-on-1 calls. You’ll be able to show up more refreshed and energized.

You are less likely to burn yourself out. And you can take on more clients, which means your coaching business is more scalable.

Fully Systemized Coaching Programs

If you want to take it one step further, you can eventually remove yourself from 1-on-1 coaching calls by hiring and training coaches that work for you.

This way, they can do the 1-on-1 coaching, hand-holding and accountability. You simply show up to the group coaching calls.

Once you’ve removed yourself completely from 1-on-1 coaching calls by getting other coaches on board, there is no limit to how many clients you can take on.

Ever heard of coaching businesses that make $1 Million to $20 Million a year? This is how they do it.

While there are some coaches that earn 7-figures with private coaching, they are charging an exorbitant amount of money and are coaching companies that are willing to pay a lot.

Group coaching or a fully systemized coaching program is a way to build a scalable online business. Like this, there is no cap to how many clients you can take on.

Now that you know the different types of online coaching business, let’s move on to the next step in our guide How to Start a Coaching Business Online.

How to Create an Online Coaching Website

You don’t really need a website as an online coach or consultant. Traditional websites are mostly outdated these days.

What you need is a sales funnel. Online coaching sales funnels guide potential clients through the process of scheduling a time to speak to you.

They usually consist of three steps:

Websites are ineffective because there are too many distractions, menus, options and links to click on. A sales funnel gets straight to the point and guides people through the process of scheduling time with you.

If you want to get the most amount of clients possible, sales funnels are the way to go.

Luckily, we’ve created an entire online coaching sales funnel for you. It consists of all three steps mentioned above.

We built the sales funnel on ClickFunnels, which is the most popular website and sales funnel builder used by coaches and consultants.

All you have to do is import the coaching sales funnel and customize it to your needs.

Create an online coaching website
Create an online coaching website with a few clicks

If you already have a ClickFunnels account, make sure you’re logged in and then import the coaching sales funnel.

In case you don’t have a ClickFunnels account you can create one and it’ll populate your account with the coaching sales funnel. Once you log in to your account, all you have to do is change the colors, logo and text to your liking.

This way you don’t have to pay an expensive website designer to create a website for you. You’ll have everything you need to start your own coaching business online.

The only other tools you might want to consider are Calendly and a Zoom account. They will allow potential clients to automatically schedule meetings with you from your available time in your calendar.

Both Calendly and Zoom offer free plans.

How to Get Clients for Your Coaching Business

Once your coaching funnel is set up, all you have to do is find out where your one ideal client hangs out online.

They’re probably on LinkedIn. Add your coaching funnel link to your profile.

When you network with people on LinkedIn, they can easily schedule a call with you. You can also send the link to your coaching funnel to potential clients after talking to them in private messages.

This provides them with an easy way to book a call with you and explore if working with you is right for them.

Make sure you always provide value and build intimacy before inviting people to a call.

Once you get more advanced, you can also use paid advertising to drive potential clients to your coaching funnel. However, you should focus on getting clients organically first.

If you have a blog or YouTube channel, you can promote your coaching funnel link in your posts or videos. Tell people at the end of the article or video to schedule a call with you to learn more about working with you.

This is, in a nutshell, how to start a coaching business online and get clients fast.

Start a Coaching Business Online: Checklist for Beginners

If you’re new to coaching and consulting, starting a coaching business can be overwhelming. Maybe you are thinking of quitting your job to start your own coaching business. Or you’ve already taken that exciting step.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to start a coaching business with the following checklist.

Make sure you follow these steps:

There you go. This is your simple and straight-forward online coaching business plan. Follow these steps to build momentum fast.

Summary: How to Start a Coaching Business Online

As you can see, starting a coaching business isn’t rocket science. Thanks to the internet anyone can start a coaching business.

As with all businesses, there will be challenges and roadblocks. Coaching businesses require hard work and dedication. But we believe it’s one of the best online businesses to start.

We hope you enjoyed our guide How to Start a Coaching Business Online and got some fresh ideas and inspiration from this article.

To your success as a new coach.

April 13, 2022