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Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve System, often called Federal Reserve, or simply Fed, is the central bank of the United States. It was established when Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 2013. The Federal Reserve’s stated main goal is to promote full employment and provide price stability.

Great Depression

The Great Depression was a prolonged economic crisis that started with the stock market crash of 1929 and lasted almost a decade. The Great Depression was a deflationary depression during which prices of consumer products such as food and clothes decreased considerably. Asset prices of stocks, real estate and commodities dropped sharply as well.

German Hyperinflation

The German hyperinflation took place between 1922-1923 and is one of the most famous examples of hyperinflation in history. The Reichsmark lost all of its purchasing power in a matter of months as Germany struggled to pay its war debt and make war reparations under the Versailles Treaty.

Bretton Woods System

The Bretton Woods system was a monetary system that 44 countries participated in between 1944 and 1971. As part of the Bretton Woods system, countries held US dollars in their central bank’s reserves while the United States held physical gold in Fort Knox.