About - AlwaysWealthy


AlwaysWealthy is a financial education site.

Our goal is to make finance more approachable and explain the economy, money and investing in simple terms that anyone can understand.

We believe that financial education empowers people. The financial education available in school is limited. While there are plenty of personal finance websites on the internet, many lack macroeconomic context and depth.

On the other hand, much of the economic literature available online, in books or in scientific papers is overly complicated and hard to understand.

This results in two extremes:

Oversimplified personal finance blogs that lack macroeconomic context and academic-grade economic literature that is hard to understand for laypeople.

Our goal is to bridge this gap between these two extremes by creating a financial education site that is neither overly simplified nor complicated.

‘Always wealthy’ is a mindset or mantra rather than a reflection of wealth. It’s a reminder that knowledge is power. Through self-education we can acquire knowledge and skills that empower us financially.

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